Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

Nah! Not really. I think that is why it took so long for our team to get its first road win. We were waiting for it to happen rather than MAKING it happen.

Well, Saturday at Portland State our team actually MADE a change and came to win. Led by our tenacious Erica Perry our team came out determined. What did it take? 94 POINTS!

My inner voice, being Assistant Coach Justin Scanson, told me we just needed to outscore PSU. In the end, that is exactly what happened. It's such a simple game isn't it? My dad who is always notorious for his wisdom told me once that if our team kept winning we'd make the national championship.

I am proud of my team this weekend for not hanging their heads after our loss on Thursday but responding with perseverance that it was time to change course. Now it's time to show consistency.

Coach Bin

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