Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Hitters

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly. Some quick hitters on life.

I will start on the bad since I always like finishing on a positive- the things that make me cringe.
  • Wasted Talent: It's as simple as that. Figure out what the Lord blessed you with and make the most of it. If you actually open the present you will get to enjoy it.
  • Lack of Discipline: This could be choices off the court, effort in the classroom, not caring about your fitness, etc. I don't expect anyone to be perfect, but I do expect moderation on things that will impact your performance and your life. Discipline leads to success.
  • Selfishness: We were all born to think about ourselves first. At some point you learn that there are more people in this world than just you and the joy you feel from being unselfish can be extraordinary.
  • I typically stick with three topic points, but I can't pass up this last one- BEING SOFT: Mental toughness will split people right down the middle. How bad do you want it?

Now the good- the things that make me smile.

  • When the hardest worker gets rewarded: Life isn't about fair and at times the hardest worker doesn't always have the most success. However, when it happens, it's a great thing!
  • When I see my own kids, as well as the players succeed: My daughter learning how to walk for the first time with the biggest smile in the world, my son learning how to ride his bike on two wheels. When Janette Jackson comes to my office elated about doing well on her test, or Sarah Strand finds out she gets placed in Bozeman for her nursing clinicals, and when Katie Bussey hits the last second shot to beat Portland State at Portland and fist pumps in the air with our entire team off the bench.
  • Remebering that my job is not just about winning games: Anne Phippard gets in to graduate school at UW. Mara Hoefer gets an opportunity to play professionally in Germany. Nubia Garcia gets recognized on the cover of the NCAA Magazine and comes by my office this fall, just to say hi, catch me up on things going on in her life, and getting ready to finish her last semester before going on to play professionally.

I guess I should also mention an ice cold Coca Cola!

Coach Bin

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Coach Albert said...

Great post Coach...may read this to some of my young male runners.