Friday, July 2, 2010

Watch Out for Hail

I was in the MSU bookstore when clerks started running out to see what was making such a loud noise. As I walked up the stairs, I saw a patron holding what looked like snow balls.

Can you believe it was golf sized hail? Then I wondered how my new courtesy car was doing in the Fieldhouse parking lot.

The good news with Montana weather is that it can change in 5 minutes, so when the 5 minutes was up, our group made the jont back to the Fieldhouse.

The bad news with golf size hail is that we had plenty of surprises on our vehicles.

Rachel Semanksy had a window shattered. Tyler Wiltgen's windshield was shattered. Buildings lost windows, and for the rest of us, it looked like our cars went through 10 rounds of a boxing match.

My car dealer had more cars then just mine to worry about, so to roll with the punches he told me to get a bunch of WINS next year to make us all feel better.

I think winning solves a lot of problems. Don't you?

Coach Bin

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