Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dead Period

Who came up with that title anyway? Are they trying to scare my six year old boy?

First of all, this past week has been anything BUT dead. The real work begins during the dead period when we are allowed to call coaches and prospects and see where they are at.

This time of year is when your unlimited amount of minutes matters and when you put the ear pieces in rather than your ear to the cell phone in case you are concerned you could get brain cancer.

I spent the majority of Friday and Saturday on the phone so I needed a break to get rejuvinated.

How do you do that in Montana? My husband gets the boat out, we head to Harrison Lake where you don't have reception, and I jump on the tube with my kids.

As I am holding Brooklyn on lap with my son on one side and his best friend on the other, my husband starts off conservative pulling us around the lake. Then Todd turns the wheel and our tube cruises across the wake to the otherside of the boat.

My son looks at me and says "finally daddy got his driver's license."

I am back and READY for the second round!

Coach Bin

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