Friday, October 1, 2010

The Free throw

I was just reading an article on the physical consistencies of some of the best free throw shooters in the NBA, those who shoot over 90% from the line.

I cannot begin to fathom how many free throws I shot in my career. I would assume, however, that the majority of college and professional basketball players have shot enough at the line to be great.

So why is it then that 90% is so rare?  If the 90% shooters have consistent physical attributes then what prevents everyone else from having these at the line when they shoot so many?

My opinion,

1) The free throw shot is at a dead point in the game. You have time to think. You now become a golfer on the putting green or a field goal kicker with no time left on the clock. It is a very different mentality than the typical fast paced game of basketball. Therefore, the mental ability to focus on your routine and block out the pressure becomes that much more important.

2) The ability to simulate a consistent shot every time you release belongs to those who have great focus and attention to the details. I know my great shooters will be the ones that I don't have to repeat myself on a correction to the problem. Some people put in the quantity but quantity is wasted when the mind is absent from appplication. In one word-consistency.

You will only be able to shoot as good as your self belief. We have all heard this before, but when you step to the line, when you step on the court, when you step on the field, I would think 90% of the time the game has already been won or lost in the mind.

Coach Bin

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