Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monster Award

Halloween is approaching so I thought this topic would be fitting.

The Monster Award is a ugly little bobble headed green monster that my staff gives to the most aggressive and consistent performer for the week of practice.

The first week senior Sarah Balian received the award because everything about her is just competitive. Sarah doesn't know how NOT to compete at everything she does and has a habit of going above and beyond in everything she does.

For example, Sarah is in the top of her class in Nursing, currently doing her clinicals, and also married.

This past week senior Lyndi Seidensticker received the monster for just plain getting after it. She also had a great performance against our scout team in our first scrimmage and has the back door cut down to a science.

Lyndi is also a great student in Education as she is going on to be a Math teacher and basketball coach down the road.

Our two seniors are both great examples of females raising the bar for the next generation that you can do it all and do it well.

Coach Bin

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