Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Do Sushi and Basketball Have in Common?

  1. There is a Head Coach who makes the decisions and you need to trust them. My latest trip to Shiro's Sushi in Seattle proved just that. I was in town recruiting so I went to dinner with my former BSU teammate Janet Soderberg. The waitress gave us some suggestions on what to order and we ordered exactly that. By the way, those of you who ask for suggestions from your waitress or waiter and then don't order what they suggest are just like a basketball player running a different play than what the coach calls out. Coach knows best.
  2. The teams that play aggressive and are not afraid to take a risk end up on top! Sushi-Don't be afraid to try something you've never tried before. The "POKE" is SO good and the best sushi I have ever had. If I would have stayed with my "usual" order I would have never tasted perfection. The same applies to those of us on the court that don't push ourselves through our comfort zones.
  3. There is a towel to clean up afterward, or at Shiro's you have a hand towel before you eat. Janet and I weren't sure what they were initially for. I thought I was in first class on an airplane.
  4. You have winners and losers. You can find great sushi restaurants and bad ones just like you can good and bad teams. My rule of thumb is if they don't have wasabi at a sushi restaurant then probably try someplace else.
When you are in Seattle, however, you will win every night!

Coach Bin

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Nubia Garcia said...

My answer to your question:
That I can not do any of them for the next 6 months :D