Friday, December 2, 2011


I remember growing up and having milk with every meal of the day. I assume 1% milk and skim milk were around back then, but I never saw it. It was always 2% or if I went to my best friend's house, who lived on a farm, she could just squeeze whole milk straight from the cow. I didn't actually try it that way though.

I was always told that milk would make me grow.I have now since come to the realization that may actually be a myth. I do believe milk is extremely important, especially to females in having strong bones. I remember my doctor telling me after my first knee surgery that he was impressed at how strong my bones were.

With all the pounding that athletes are doing at higher levels than ever before I want to encourage all young female athletes to get their calcium in.

On a different topic, is it me or are females getting taller every year? This season we have already played 6'7, 6'5, 6'4, 6'3, and 6'6 again tonight. I think I might ask her if she drank a lot of milk growing up.

Coach Bin

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