Thursday, December 8, 2011


Since I have been asked the question daily why we have two weeks between our North Dakota and Illinois games I thought I could just tell you all on my blog.

Scheduling preseason games is one of the most challenging tasks we have here at Montana State. That's why I gave the task to Amy!

Scheduling away games is easy as EVERYONE wants a home game. Home games, however for a remote, and winterland tropicana, NOT SO EASY. If I was a California school I would be jumping at our offer to come play us. How many times do your players get to make snow angels or have a snowball fight.

The two week downtime is mostly because we couldn't get one more home game and that we wanted next week off so our athletes could be steller students and Ace their finals. That we will certainly accomplish.

In the end, I think our schedule has been fantastic. It has been difficult, compact, and about to take new heights as we take on Illinois and Georgia in Las Vegas. It will have prepared us for the upcoming Big Sky season especially with the home and home games we have against UND to see how to prepare for a familiar foe a second time around.

Most importantly, this downtime will give us the recovery we will need to be truly at our best when conference play begins.

If you are interested in coming to Bozeman to play, please don't hestitate to call!

Coach Bin

Coach Bin

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