Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Savior Is Born

Christmas marks a day of celebration, hope, and joy.

I can't describe what joy is any better than the excitment on our kid's and neighbor Ella's faces last night when they heard Santa's Reindeer bells outside Brooklyn's window. (My niece Ashley was outside their window jingling the bells off her phone.) All of the kids sprinted out of their rooms and screamed, "We heard Santa's reindeer bells!"

My sister and I told them it means Santa is close so we better get to bed. That's when they all sprinted back into Brooklyn's room, including Ella. Ella's mom Angela and I just cracked up and after gathering ourselves, clarified they needed to go to bed in their own rooms.

At 5:55am this morning we heard 6 feet shuffling down the stairs as my oldest nephew Tyler throws the door open, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" I said, "Don't you remember our agreement, 6:50am is when we get up." He comes over to me and gives me a big hug as for me to get up. What stories of joy.

As we watched our kids overwhelmed with joy unwrapping presents, I think of how Jesus must feel and the excitement He must have when seeing a new believer receive His wonferful gift of salvation. It feels so good to give and thank you Jesus to the best gift ever to receive.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Coach Bin

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