Monday, July 16, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Montana has some of the best fishing in the world! I learned this weekend there are many kinds of fishermen. 1. The spectator: Those who enjoy being outside with nature and being entertained. They pick flowers, skip rocks, or look for frogs. This is my daughter. 2. The manager: Those who prepare the fishing pole, put the bait on, get you out of being stuck, clean the fish; all of the dirty work and behind the scenes. This is my husband. 3. The unselfish teammate: Those who give a great pass, set a solid screen, or in the case of fishing, always have the net ready to pull the fish to shore. This is my son. 4. The star: All conference player- those who know when to yank the rod and catch the fish. This is our neighbor Ella, who is five. She had six bites before catching her first fish. I thought it was going to pull her in, but what a day to remember. In the midst of the Dead Period, July's break of basketball games for coaches and players, take a day off and go fishing. There is something in it for everyone! Coach Bin

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