Friday, July 6, 2012

What July is All About

You are probably thinking about the glass water on the lake, breathtaking runs or sipping on a refreshing ice tea, but the glory of July is the balls bouncing! Today was the first day in Oregon City which began at 9:00am and finished this evening at 10:00pm. I checked in last night to the Crown Plaza and just so you know they are not a Marriott affiliate they are a Priority Clubs Rewards. That's like asking Wendy's for a Happy meal, and yes I asked if I could redeem my Marriott points. Today I saw the most left handed basketball players in the history of the sport and think there is some kind of conspiracy going on by Amy and Mandy my two left handed coaches. The first criteria for our newest coach on staff, Kellee Barney was that she was right handed. I want to thank Amy for covering me once again, yesterday helped me find my car and today had an extra highlighter and paperclip. To Mandy, please run slowly in the morning as I will be trying to keep up with you and to Kellee on Sunday, tag you are it! I will be off the road for two days to see my family, Coach Bin

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