Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peyton, Summer School, and Epic Adventures

My first session of summer school here is not what I expected it to be... I was excited to come over to Bozeman, but was sort of over looking the school part of it. I suffered from the typical high school "senioritis" and was happy to be done! As the move got closer, I finally started realizing, oh shoot I have to start school again too! Trying to get all of my homework done at the begining was kind of rough but I made it through that first week and then it all got easier. It helps that the teachers give you the entire homework plan for the session on the first day so I've kind of been cheating ahead. Now I have a balance between school, workouts, and going and doing lots of fun things. Outside of school and workouts, I have been able to go on some pretty epic adventures. These adventures have included hiking up to the top of a waterfall with Rachel and Jasmine (they did not think I was going to get back down because it was pretty rocky and steep). Jackie took some of us to the Dirty Dash in Billings which was fun but had its side effects, going to the movies, playing Thursday morning tennis, and just being able to spend time with some new friends. My experience here has been a blast so far and I am excited for more to come.

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