Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blue & Gold Scrimmage

This is a shout out to all of our fans to see our 2012-13 Squad in action this Saturday in the Fieldhouse at 9:30am. We will have rosters on hand as there are seven new faces this season and I can't even get their names right. I called Kayla Shayla yesterday. Remember that we have been on the court for a week and half so you have to bring your imagination with you as we don't have much in yet considering the seven new additions. With that being said, you will get to see what we are optimistic about and that is our talent, depth, speed, and strength. Do I sound like a strength coach right now? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you for the beginning of an exciting season. Not only do we have new faces but our conference has two new teams in North Dakota and Southern Utah, as well as a new Big Sky Logo. Since everyone likes "new" I think I will go get myself a new ice tea. These early morning practices are demanding that! Coach Bin

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