Monday, October 22, 2012


Game number one October 29th, a week from today! For all of you coaches out there I am sure you are asking the same question, what do I get in before that first game to be ready for a "surprise" verses putting in less and being great at it. I will tell you this. I am not as concerned about our pre game warm up as much as I am ready to see execution vs a press or being able to defend any kind of screen action. What I am certain of is that there will be plenty of learning lessons that we can apply to the next play, next practice, and next game. What I am not so certain of is knowing each player's number since we seem to have a million new faces. I love the first game because it's such a reward for our players to put on their uniforms after the hard work and sweat of daily grinding practices. I love to see the butterflies in our pre game talk. I love to see how our new players respond when I "flip" out on them in an intense huddle. I love to see who feeds off our crowd and elevates their game to an entirely new level. What I could do without is my increased intake of caffeine but let's be honest with each other. That is just not going to happen because the 2012-13 Season has started! Coach Bin

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semansky said...

you know we will be there in force...or should I say en family :)