Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blue & Gold Wrap

Our SID is giving you the stats of our Blue & Gold scrimmage last Saturday. What I will give you is the behind the scenes description. First of all, we didn't have any out of bounds plays yet so our offense for out of bounds was to get it in! You may be surprised to hear our success rate was above 50% so I am thinking I might not put in out of bounds plays this year. JK-We put them in today. Secondly, we didn't have a press breaker in yet so when white was up late in the second half and blue was pressing their job was to pass, advance, and take care of the ball in which they did. Ironically we had less turnovers without offense than we did when trying to execute offense. That, however, will come when our team gets the reps and begins to make reads rather than thinking and processing as you do when you first introduce new things. Highlights for me: Blue's Start-They came out aggressive and jumped on White early White's Comeback-They came back from a 14 point deficit to WIN! Our depth-We have competition at all positions which is extremely exciting Our steals-I am crediting our great defense here rather than our multiple turnovers by both teams. Biggest highlight though was our sparkplug Shayla Mack who is official now my first player that is at eye level for me. I won't get a neck cramp coaching this one. Here's to another building week ladies. Act like a champion, work like a champion, respond like a champion. Go Cats, Coach Bin

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