Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This topic isn't discussed nearly enough so I thought in the wake of the NBA Playoffs it somewhat timely. If you consider the length of the NBA season, the number of games, physicality, and the travel, it's hard to comprehend their abilty to sustain that schedule. Here are just a few of my beliefs on how these athletes are able to pull it off. 1)They are in the most elite physical condition possible. This has developed over the course of their careers in the weight room, speed & agility training, and conditioning. 2) Their nutrition matters. Over the course of one's career, your nutrition is one of the most important supplements in recovery after a workout, a game, an injury, etc. 3) They prepare well. I decided to retire from playing basketball because it was taking me close to a half hour just to get warmed up enough to perform at the level necessary. I guarantee these athletes warm up well, stretch well, and cool down right. I didn't do that a few weeks ago when I jumped in at noon ball and pulled my "hammy." I am not getting any younger. 4) They rest. That long of a season doesn't come with 3 hour practices year round. Nor does it include high intense training for 12 months of the year. To all of those young recruits out there taking it to the next level, it is a fact you can over train. Listen to your body, put a program with "cycles" in place where you are building up to the most important parts of the seasons and BELIEVE that rest is part of your program. So sit down in front of that t.v. and- Enjoy the playoffs! Coach Bin

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