Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yesterday I opened the paper to see an article regarding "BEST TOWNS EVER" with a Top 10 List shown by Outside Magazine. I don't know what the criteria was in the selection, but I can tell you that 2 of the places on the Top 10 List are pretty fantastic choices as Bozeman, Montana and Carbondale, Colorado both made the list. Here are a couple of the similarities: 1) GREAT PEOPLE-I always tell prospects in the recruiting process that their decision will ultimately come down to the people because at the end of the day you are going to spend the majority of your time with them. The people in these two places define scripture in Mark so well with the words "love your neighbor as yourself." 2) MAJESTIC-God had some pretty incredible days creating Mt. Sopris in Carbondale and the overlapping ranges in every direction of Bozeman from the stretches of the Bridgers to the Spanish Peaks. If I wasn't a coach I should be a photographer! 3)THE GREAT OUTDOORS-I am not talking about John Candy & Dan Akroyd taking on a Grizzly bear, but I suppose that could happen if you didn't "hit the sticks together" to detour them from your hike. At least that is what Dale Dawkins, Alexa's dad suggests. I grew up ski racing on the slopes of Buttermilk Mountain, learned to kayak from my brother on the Colorado River, know the difference between a brook & rainbow trout from my dad, and that I could use lint from our laundry dyrer to start a fire from my husband. Yet the most important lesson has still been and always will be only eat Spam while camping. It doesn't taste the same once you get home. 4) ATHLETICS-So dear to my heart is the game of basketball and it has been since the day I had to make a choice between that and ski racing. Considering I am 10 degrees colder than everyone in my family I think choosing the sport that is always 70 degrees was a wise decision. What is so "EPIC",as my son would say, is that Carbondale and Bozeman get behind their teams & support in consistent fashion. When our high school team went on to win 3 consecutive state championships nearly our entire town filled the lower bowl of McNichols Arena, and when our women's basketball team runs out of the Bobcat Head in the Fieldhouse we see & hear around 1,500 people in the stands. I love sports, indoor and outdoor doesn't matter. I love the great outdoors, nature, and these two great towns our country has even recognized. So if you visit Carbondale please buy some Carly's Gold sauce to marinate your meats for grilling this summer, and when you visit Bozeman you better sport the same colors that the Roaring Fork Rams own, the BLUE & GOLD because we are the BOBCATS! Coach Bin

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