Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bin Tid Bits

School is out for most of us, camps begin next week, so what better time to give some off season tid bits to those who are getting after it on the court this summer. Less is More-Many people make the mistake of doing more and getting good rather than focusing on less and becoming great. This could be certain sacrifices you cut out of your day or even concentrating on a few moves to perfect them over multiple moves. What weak hand? How to fix this? Eat with your weak hand, write with your weak hand, rep your weak hand twice as many times as your strong one, make your defender shade your strong hand. "The Better Me is a Better We" quoted from US Army General Becky Halstead who spoke at the Center for Coaching Excellence last week. We can all be leaders and to begin, start with leading yourself. She was incredible and even 2 inches shorter than me. Go Rock Climbing-I say this every year to basketball players, but strong fore arms will make you a stronger dribbler & passer. Plus, cross training is good for the body and mind. Put your feet up-Literally, straight up against the wall for ten minutes at the end of camp or in between games and let the circulation flow back through your legs Read-I have about a dozen books on my list for this summer either by recommendations, gifts, or borrows but this is a habit that needs to overcome our social media. Smile-It's amazing what a smile will do for your attitude and how much a smile will influence your day. Yes, I will want you to smile at 7:45pm next Wednesday after the 3rd day of camp when you are exhausted, sore, and it will help you enjoy every minute of it! All I have for now. There will be plenty more at 9:00am Monday morning for our 170+ screaming campers!!! Go Cats, Coach Bin

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