Tuesday, August 6, 2013


What I love about our game is that you can play it so many different ways to still be successful. The options on the defensive end are limitless. 1) Where do you pick up? Half court, 3/4 court, full court. Many teams will change this choice depending on a made basket, dead ball situation, end of game situation, end of half situation. Plenty of stragic options to consider. 2) What is your go to defense? Are you conservative and stay in the play and force contested shots where you have great rebounding position? Conservative defenses run correctly have been very effective. However, my personality hasn't always matched this mind set having played aggressively in the back court, taking chances on steals, forcing quicker decisions of my opponent, with the motivation of dictating from the defensive end. I have always believed that the biggest rewards come with the greatest risk. Hard to win in my perspective if you don't put yourself out there. 3) What is your strategic plan defensively? Do you like to switch, plan man, zone, trap? Part of this choice also matches the kind of recruit you select to represent your program. I remember a few years back another coach describing our team as "wiry" as we were athletic, fast, and aggressive. Regardless of choice of defense the successful teams have two things in common. They dictate shot selection & limit second opportunities. Coaches have the responsibility of practicing these situations daily, having consistent points of emphasis, and making sure their players LOVE this end of the floor as much as they do. GO CATS!

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