Monday, August 12, 2013

Official Visits-What to Look For

Prospects and parents will be visiting campuses in the next few weeks if they haven't visited already. Here are a few things to look for and ask as you have only 48 hours to determine the best fit for your next four years. 1) Would I like this university and community if I wasn't playing basketball? 2)What does the community say about the program? 3)What do the players & staff say was the hardest situation they went through? 4)Do you have my number? 5) Where is the gym? 6) How long does it take to walk from one end of campus to the next? 7) How many hours a week do you average on the court as a team? 8) What's your APR? Coaches will explain what this is-your retention and eligibility standards. 9) What are your former players doing now? 10) What is the coach's pet pieves? Ask both the coach and players. 11) What's the best day and worst day you have had at your school? Ask both coaches and the players. Bottom line is that there are probably 100 questions to ask. The challenge is to get through the "red carpet" and see the program as you will see it when you are LIVING it! Official visits can be so much fun and they can give you a very clear description if you know what to look for. Coach Bin

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