Friday, June 27, 2014

The Down Falls of Living In Montana

I feel absolutely blessed to be able to live in Bozeman, MT, but there are a few down falls that we do have to live with. 1) We get disappointed when we "ONLY" see a deer. Our family went to Big Sky this past weekend to celebrate our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and my kids shrugged their shoulders when we saw deer 20 yards from us. They had already seen deer. They were hoping to see a bear or a moose. 2) We get frustrated with traffic when it takes us 12 minutes to get home from work instead of eight. To clarify, I have mastered the back roads so I can still get home within 10 minutes even if there are 20 other cars on the road. Yet, when you don't "really" have traffic you do grow to be pretty darn impatient if you don't get through the first stop light within 30 seconds. 3) We really can't decide which view is the best because when you have a different mountain range every which way you look you tend to get spoiled. 4) You have to hike or you waste your backyard. For all of those who have jumped on board for Chillin4Charity, the Bobcats are going to show you one of our favorite hikes this weekend up to Grotto Falls and do our chillin our Montana way. Go Cats! Coach Bin

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