Thursday, August 14, 2014

Becky Hammon

Congrats to Becky for a great coaching opportunity to work with one of the greatest coaches of all time. This was quite a big story the first few days, and whether or not this was a breakthrough for women. I suppose I have looked at it through a transparent lense, probably similar to Coach Popovich, in that it was a great & qualified hire, and someone that matched the philosophy of the organization. Here is why. 1-Becky has had an incredible playing career and has consistently proven herself against any odds or any critics. 2-Becky has an impressive knowledge of the game and has carried a coaching mentality to her on court successes. 3-Becky is a worker! You can't play at the highest level for as long as she has, overcome the injuries, setbacks and do what she has without that kind of passion, commitment, and work ethic. That may be one of the most important reasons Coach Pop hired her. This hire makes sense and is good for everyone involved. What is remarkable about Coach Popovich is that he finds, mentors, and develops winners. He seeks people who don't take anything for granted but work for everything and every opportunity presented to them and that's exactly who Becky is. So, to answer the question about what I think about the hire and breakthrough for women... If you are qualified and have a workers mentality then there is no reason you should't have just as good of an opportunity as the next person. Coach Bin

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