Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The 3 Differences Between T Ball & College Basketball

Being the proud mom of a first time T baller, it has been a highlight of my spring. After watching four to five years olds I have noticed a few differences between T Ball and DI basketball. Here are the top three on my list.

3 Differences Between T-Ball and DI Basketball

#1 You pick your equipment by color rather than "durability."
My son thinks blue is the coolest. The bat is blue, regardless of being twice his size, as well as hit mit.

#2 Not being focused is considered "adorable" rather than detrimental.
If any of you have watched T Ball, you all have witnessed grass pulling, sitting on bases, kids waving to parents as the ball is hit. I can't imagine what I would do on the sidelines if I saw Jenny Heringer waving to her mom before she shoots her freethrow.

#3 Knowing your teammates names isn't necessary to having a good time and communicating with one another.
My son had a full on conversation in the infield with a teammate as they were comparing hats. After practice I asked him who it was, and he called him "that boy."

You probably wouldn't think there are similarities, but surprisingly there are many.

#1 Four to five year olds are just as competitive as 18-23 year olds. I have never seen a bigger fight for a ground ball than the swarming of the infield. The baseball is like a magnet that draws in every single player as they jump on top of each other like it's the Holy Grail.

#2 Parents are as intense as ever. I am trying not to include myself in this category, but I will admit it's hard sitting there on the sideline and not being a voice over the coach telling your kid to "run to 2nd base, rather than sit and look at the mountains."

#3 Treats after a hard fought game is always a must. My MSU team wouldn't know what to do if one of our parents didn't show up with the banana bread.

Whether you're rooting for the Green Tadpoles or the MSU Women's Basketball Bobcats, athletics is not only great for kids physically, it's enjoyment for all those who watch.

Coach Bin

p.s. The Green Tadpole's next game is Thursday at 5:30pm, Beall Park. We'll see you there.

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