Friday, May 2, 2008


How hard is this?

This is my first blog and I have erased it four times already.

So, to keep this simple I will let you know I am leaving for Las Vegas today for a family vacation. I have to admit I feel a little guilty as our student athletes are finishing up their finals, and I am thinking about the motorcross championships and "O" tickets that my husband bought.

To wrap up the week Coach Scanson and I will hope to learn some new techniques at the Nike Coaching Convention that will be held in the Orleans Hotel. Heading into my six month of pregnancy all I truly care about is that the facility has chair back seats this year.

If this was a really exciting post for you, tune in as I MAY or MAY NOT post another one while laying around the pool. And if any of my student athletes check this, Finish Strong! We need another top five finish in those WBCA academic polls!

Coach Bin

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