Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Champions Are Built In the Offseason

I am back in the office this week to the most quiet week of the year. School is out and our student athletes have a break before their summer workouts begin.

It's so quiet around here that I can hear Sarah Strand coming all the way down the hall because her crutches are creaking. Sarah had a microfracture surgery and is one day away from walking on her own two legs after six weeks of buffing up her upper body. She is quite excited about balancing that muscle more proportionately.

The noise will quickly return tomorrow evening as Carrie Underwood performs in the Fieldhouse. My husband and I are true IDOL fans so yes, we will be in attendance.

Then it's onto next week, the first day of our team's summer program. We will leave that for my next blog as I love the summers and what to look forward to when our student athletes return in the fall.

Till then,

Coach Bin

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