Monday, May 19, 2008

Binford's Ball Handling Keys To Success

Those of you wanting to improve your "handles" this summer, here are a few pointers I lived by to better my game as a player and have some fun doing it!

#1 Take up rock climbing: When summer hits and you're enjoying the great outdoors there is no better way to improve your forearm strength. Just make sure you are with someone who has experience and have someone to belay.

#2 Eat all of your meals with your "weak" hand. I am not talking about a chicken leg either. Go after the rice with chop sticks, switch your knife and fork and work that hand until you are ambidextrous. You may give yourself an exception to the rule if you're at a fancy restaurant and don't want to cause a scene.

#3 Lock yourself in a racquetball court for an hour and pound the ball or two at a time as hard as you can. You can work your "handles" and have four corners to bring the ball right back to you when you lose control. Exaggerate every dribble and you should be sweating and hurting (in a good way) toward the end.

Have Fun! I'll see you with the Harlem Globetrotters

Coach Bin

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