Monday, July 21, 2008


Here at Montana State we have a program run on family principles; trust, accountability, and support for one another. I think the most special characteristic of families, however, is the sacrifice in putting someone before yourself.

Whether you are a part of a family or a team, sacrifice always plays a role in the success or potential challenges if it seems to be missing. At MSU we work toward building these family principles because if the trust, accountability, or support isn't there, one will not be willing to sacrifice for her teammate. Whether you call it chemistry or love for your family member it's truly an essential ingredient and makes the days a whole lot more fun and memorable.

This past weekend my family came to visit before our newest arrival comes this August. We had a full household including my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew, and mom and dad. The only person from my immediate family that wasn't able to visit was my brother.

As we visited, my sister told me of the local paper's article that was supposed to come out that weekend on my transition from player to coach. She said she told the reporter of the time our brother Jeff lost to me for the first time in a game of one on one. I said, "I don't remember ever beating Jeff. " She then chuckled as she had told the reporter otherwise I responded, "Well, now you have."

I suppose like remembering how many games we won or lost, many of the details might change over time. However, the memories of being together will last a life time. I can't wait to hear from my brother!

Coach Bin

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