Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer School

I can't think of a better way to get a jump start on the season than having the summer to train as a team, work with your strength coach, and as a newcomer get your feet wet rather than being dunked under water. I am not talking about floating the Gallatin but rather easing into to DI college life.

With the financial support of our booster club called Fast Break, we provide summer school to all of our student athletes for the purpose of building our championship team in the off season.

Our newcomers began school last week and are now beginning to blink on occasion. It seemed as if they were all wide eyed trying to get their meal cards, locate classrooms, and fit all of their stuff into their cozy dorms.

What is ironic about storage complaints is that our players had plenty of room for "Wii" and the entire band of "Guitar Hero". I went to see how they were getting situated and saw Gianne Fleming (from Phoenix, AZ) on the drums, Katie Bussey (Alamosa, CO) and Katie's sister singing on the microphone. Katie did say that Guitar Hero was for after studying not before. She knows me too well.

I will say our newcomers have transitioned quite well with the support of our upperclassmen, especially Erica Perry and Jamie Thornton who have fed them on occasion. Jamie hasn't even required lawn trimmings as an initiation either.

Coach Bin

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