Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think the biggest highlights of being a coach is getting to work with our student athletes. The summer time is one of my favorite seasons seeing each of them in a new light.

Here's a funny story as of last week. My husband, son, and I were riding our bikes around our neighborhood as we pulled up to a familar face mowing a lawn. As we drew closer we could now recognize that it was Lyndi Seidensticker, one of our soon to be sophomores.

We stopped on our bikes and asked Lyndi whose house she was mowing. She told us it was where Erica (junior), Jamie (junior), and Krislyn (graduate) lived and that Jamie paid her $5 bucks to mow it for her.

Todd and I just started cracking up as the irony was that Lyndi and Jamie were landscaping for work all afternoon, and here Jamie was paying back some of that money to have Lyndi take care of her own lawn. Needless to say I gave Jamie a hard time later and told her I would try and avoid her street in the future at all cost.

I guess the good news is that our strength coach must be working them hard.

Go Cats!

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