Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok, so the Starzz didn't pull out the win, but the series isn't over yet.

With that said, what a spread we had last night. Our team can cook, or should I say their mom's? We had quite the variety.

Mara brought a tasty tenderloin dish, one that her family eats regularly in Germany.
Erica BOUGHT fried chicken (cheater). She and I both enjoy Popeyes, however.
Nubia and Katie cooked enchiladas, Nubia because she's "Mexican" was her reasoning and Katie because Alamosa has many mexican restaurants.
Alyssa didn't have time to bake her favorite dessert dish but settled for cheese cake which my husband enjoyed.
Sarah was creative with her fruit salad MADE of WASHINGTON apples.
Rachel Pauli's mom cooked her spread which could feed the entire MSU campus.
Rachel Rehbein had a jello dish mixed with 7up? I suppose she at that for her tummy aches. Jenny brought the 7 layer dip that her family enjoys for all sporting gatherings much like ours. Jamie and Lyndi were in charge of mashed potatoes, and I am still unsure as to the significance there.
Janette had some very good cornbread. Mmm
Last but not least the coaches cooked up some trout and salmon. We are all from Colorado, Idaho, and Washington all known for some tasty fish.

The good news is that we had our individual practices, or what we call IP's to burn off all the calories. The players were in early today getting extra reps in. We have Champions on this squad with Championship effort.

I can't wait for the season.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

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