Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Are we getting tired of hearing about polls already? I mean, we are less than a week away before the presidential election and I have seen more polling than I have Seinfeld reruns.

I feel this election coverage has been more like announcers realing off their baseball statistics. I understand statistics that affect the outcome of the game, but I really don't see the relevance of "Joe the Plumber" approval ratings. Ironically, he was playing baseball with his son. What an awesome dad!

Anyway, not to get off track here, but the only polls that really matter are the ones at the END of the season. November 4th will decide who our next President is; not CNN, NBC or Fox, and HOPEFULLY not Acorn. (Sorry, bad humor)

This past week the Big Sky Conference released the coaches and media poll for the 2008-09 season. Montana State was picked 3rd in both which is the highest we have been picked the last four years. However, every year we have also FINISHED higher than the polls. I suppose we now have some pressure this year as we have a very competitive conference.

I basically look at polls like I do a Chinese fortune cookie. The saying is interesting, but gets thrown in the trash without much afterthought. I have yet to read a fortune that is "actually" true. I'd much rather rely on the reality that my team can create.

As long as we compete, work hard, and stay focused throughout the season, I will be happy with our end results. I have faith that discipline to make the most of your individual gifts for the benefit of the team will take care of the polling. My team knows the value of sacrifice and teamwork. Who wouldn't be proud of that.

Coach Bin

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