Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SCOUT-What does that mean to you?

The word scout can mean a variety of things. The first thought that came into my mind was the book "To Kill a Mockingbird."

That, however, is not the scout I am talking about. When the leaves begin to fall it is my favorite season, basketball!

As all programs do, our team has set some challenging goals and expectations for our upcoming season. In order to start working toward them we, as a staff, try and create every opportunity to help our team achieve them.

One of these areas is having a competitive group compete and challenge our team every day in practice. For us, we call them the "scout" team.

Our scout guys are required to be enrolled at MSU just like our student athletes. They also need to be trained like they are considered a freshman. A good example of this was watching them pass to our players during a shooting drill. Unfortunately their passing was a bit suspect so I had to get them to focus better by putting them "on the line." Needless to say, their passing improved tremendously.

Now, all laughs aside, our scout guys are awesome. They are a big part of our accomplishments every day. So to our scout team, when we get to that Dance, and not the one at the "Zebra", we will be sure to give you a big thanks as you will be a major part of why we were able to achieve this big step for our program.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

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