Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet & Greet

Our annual Fast Break Meet & Greet was a success this weekend. The Fast Break Club is our booster club that raises money for our student athlete summer school.

We opened up the morning with a scrimmage against our scout team. I won't say how many points we gave up, but the good news is we still can find points to put on the board.

As always, scrimmages are a little more relaxed than a real game as I would not typically "trash talk" to our opponents. However, this morning was somewhat of an exception as two of our coaching staff were playing for the scout team.

Coach Scanson and Close are as competitive as they come, although their games aren't quite holding up to their former abilities. For example, Coach Close was a star at Oregon State University in her PRIME days as an athlete. Saturday, however, when she stepped to the foul line, she struggled on the first attempt and bricked it off the rim.

Being the smart alec I am, I peeped "at least you got rim!" Getting in her head, the second attempt was an AIR BALL.

Coach Scanson on the other hand lives his glory days dunking, hanging, and slapping the backboard. Well, maybe the glory days were on an eight foot hoop, but when he came flying in for his offensive boards I had visions of a gravitational Michael Jordan.

All joking aside, our scout team took it to our squad so we have a lot of work to do. However, we know very well we would much rather be peeking in March than November.

Coach Bin

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Zeb said...

Waiting on January 31st at 2pm so I can see how scary you gals are!!

"Perry, who was one of the top defensive players in the Big Sky last season, had four steals, six rebounds and four assists."

"Phippard, a senior from Kirkland, Wash., finished with eight points, four rebounds and two steals."

That a way Erica & Anne!!!!

We will see you all soon!!