Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I did not hunt my turkey this year. Thanks to a huge supporter of our Bobcats and bowling champion, Tom, I was able to win one for the second year in a row. Every year we give Tom a dollar to bowl for a turkey and he has been clutch every year.

As we prepare for the big feast our team is working hard so we burn off the extra side dishes and desserts. I suppose the players may think it's more for getting us in the level of conditioning it will take to compete throughout the entire game. This was something pointed out as of last week's performances. It's always easier to correct after a loss.

We have a big challenge ahead of us on Saturday. Western Carolina is no stranger to competition. I expect my team to step on the floor hungry for more than a second helping on leftovers. We want to protect our home court. It's time to be clutch like Tom and step up with pride in being a Bobcat! I suppose it will be like a game of bowling as long as my team BOXES out every pin on the floor.

Coach Bin

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