Monday, November 17, 2008


Bench chatter is always intense in the heat of the game. However, the most chatter I hear is to my left as my assistant coach Justin Scanson is relaying our offensive execution. Typically he is letting me know which plays are working and at times which are not.

On Friday afternoon, however, Justin's feedback wasn't always as constructive as I am used to hearing. I think I may have heard the word "ridiculous"at least three if not four times.

Ridiculous was used by Justin to not merely report the success of the play but in exception to. For example, Nubia Garcia facing up in the short corner, takes her player baseline then spins back behind the backboard to drop 2 points through the net, and I heard "RIDICULOUS."

Erica Perry gets the outlet with 4 seconds to go in the half and drives between three defenders the length of the floor to draw the foul, "RIDICULOUS."

Sarah Strand, does a Kareem hook shot 15 feet out on the right side as the shot clock ticks down, nothing but net, "RIDICULOUS."

I will give my assistant coach credit as he moved on from ridiculous on Sunday's home contest verses North Dakota. As Katie Bussey drives up the floor and watches her defender sag off her, she desides to drain an NBA 3 pointer, I hear in my left ear, "that's good offense."

Coach Bin

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