Monday, November 17, 2008

Team Travel

Team travel is one of the highlights of our basketball season. However, I will say the trip to Utah Valley as unusually longer than normal as we decided to bus this year.

Seven and a half hours on a bus watching the worst movie I have ever seen, "The Spice Girls" actually made the trip even longer. Yes, I am not lying, Erica Perry chose this movie over all others. She was the ONLY one watching. If you are a coach out there and looking to find studying opportunities for your student athletes, just put in the Spice Girls movie and they will hit the books.

The best part of travel though, is the food. I will admit we eat very well. This trip we went straight to the Olive Garden when we rolled into town. With a big party it's important to preorder if you don't want to be there all night. However, it is key that the staff can also read your writing as you may not get what you asked for. Or, should I say the wrong person may instead get your favorite dish.

As I sat by Tyler, our radio announcer, awaiting our meals, the waiter kept asking if a Raymond was here. We all looked around wondering if Raymond was another server until finally Tyler figured out it was his dish. Hmmm, Tyler/Raymond, I am not sure how you could mix up those two names. Tyler for the sake of the trip though gets a new nick name.

Finally, as we pulled into Bozeman at 2:30am after a solid win, everyone slummed out of their seats. Hair was all over the place, eyes barely opened, and I looked at my daughter, 3 months old now, open her eyes and just smile right back at me. Yes, she was ready for her nightly feeding and as rested as she had ever been.

Coach Bin

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