Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yes, we are heading to California this week to take on San Diego State and USC. It's not necessarily a vacation for our team. It's going to be great competition and a tough work week.

With that being said, our team still does manage to have some fun outside of practices and games. One way to do that is a trip to the beach!

If you are out and about and need to put your sunglasses on just to prevent the glare from seeing all of the white legs, that means that MSU has arrived. We have a rating on the team from palest to tannest. Yes, Jamie Thornton is ALWAYS the most pale.

I get a good laugh when we travel to warmer climates than Bozeman, pretty much everywhere else we go. The rule is if they can see sun without seeing their breathe then they are "tanning." You will see them sitting outside of the Olive Garden even if it's only 5 minutes just to get an extra tint.

Welcome home Erica Perry.

Go Cats!

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