Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The whoops is for me taking so long to write a new post. Therefore, you are getting a handful to makeup for lost time.

Suggested New Year's Resolutions

1) If you are travelling by plane and have a layover in Denver you MUST eat the spinach salad at Wolfgang Puck! It's delicious, and as Coach Close would say, good in keeping the body warmer during the winter. The iron apparently prevents the anemia from making us cold? I now it's profound.

2) If you like sushi, make sure to look out for red flags that may indicate a poor sushi restaurant. The first is that it is empty on a night they even have a special. Edinberg, Texas had a special for $5.99 rolls. The second is when the server doesn't include the wasabi sauce with the rolls and you have to ask for it to go with your dish. I think everyone should stick to the coast!

3) If you're eating a meal with Coach Scanson, ALWAYS bring a camera! You may get a picture of the cracker challenge, Coach Saneholtz feeding him the scraps of chips and salsa by plate, or even witness him downing a coca cola in one gulp. At least he reads the gentleman's code of not burping afterward.

4) If you are going to play the "radio" game with the "radio" guy, make sure to be confident with your answers. He will always believe you are RIGHT! You know what I am talking about Tyler.

5) If you are going to make a living as a coach, having a family can be the best form of sanity. I have learned to make sure my SON is the first person I talk to if my team doesn't come out with a victory. Kids keep life in perspective. After our emotional loss in overtime to Troy my son got on the phone and said he had GREAT NEWS. "I got the Thomas the Train Collapsing Bridge." That was great news.

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