Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Coaches are like math wizards, always trying to find solutions to their team's challenges. However, this past weekend was a nice problem to have on the bench as our team was getting offensive production from everyone. I can honestly say I don't think this was a formula with only one correct answer.

For example, Katie Bussey was shooting the lights out in the first half, Jenny Heringer and Anne Phippard couldn't miss in the second, and Nubia Garcia ended with a double double. As a coach sitting on the sidelines trying to decide rotations and who to have in or out, I found my answer to be simple. Keep fresh legs on the floor and those on the court will produce.

So congrats to Jenny for her Big Sky Player of the Week recognition. Congrats also to Anne for her career high performance. The hardest decision I had to make this weekend was who to nominate for Big Sky Player of the Week with multiple standout performances.

Go Cats!

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