Monday, December 15, 2008

Get Back Up

Well, this past week was a perfect lesson of getting back up after being knocked off the horse. We had two rough games on the road, but two games that we can get a lot better from.

To start off at San Diego State, I have never seen such high stadium seating except at the Delta Center. I ran about three of those stairs with my four year old before my legs started shaking. That was just the beginning. SDSU threw the most pressure we've seen all year. We dug ourselves a hole in the first but decided to actually come out and attack in the second. It was the best half we've played all year.

Then we took a short trip to the beach to grab some sea shells and show my daughter her first beach before travelling to USC. I found out very quickly why we are so blessed in Bozeman when we hit traffic at 3:30 in the afternoon. I am still working on patience.

Facing USC in an unbelievable venue we found we could compete despite their stature within the first five minutes. Our lesson during this game was that it's hard to win when half your team is on the bench in foul trouble. We had three players foul out, and USC shot 37 free throw attempts. Ouch!

This week is a week to get back up. Our team is moving forward and will continue to improve every day we can for as long as we can. That is all we as a team can do and as a coach all I can ask.

Go Cats!

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