Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When you typically hear of Player of the Week or Most Valuable Player you anticipate someone shooting the ball well and putting a lot of points on the board. This week, however, was just the opposite.

Nubia Garcia was honored as last week's Big Sky Player of the Week. The coolest part about her being picked however, is that her performances were all about putting her TEAM first rather than her TEAM getting her the ball.

Here's what I mean. Typically players get nominated by their point statistics and then other stats to go along. Nubia's biggest stat, however, was her REBOUNDING. She only took four shots in our game against ISU.

Nubia has been our leading scorer and dominating presence down low, but in our game Saturday our guard play was scoring so well that we didn't really need to do anything different. Therefore, Nubia figured the best way to help her teammates out was to get THEM the ball and grab us extra possessions. She finished with five assists and 16 boards in that one game.

The best part about it, she was excited for her teammates to be playing well. That's the sign of a team that puts each other before themselves, SACRIFICE.

Coach Bin

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