Monday, February 1, 2010

The Night of Surprises

Saturday's Game vs UNC

1) Janette Jackson gets her first collegiate start and jumps for the tip. She immediately runs over to me holding her hand. I yell at her "why aren't you guarding anyone?" as Coach Close nearly throws up witnessing Janette's finger pointing sideways. Janette, however, reinserts the dislocated finger and plays the rest of the game with it taped. I suppose the humor isthat I told Janette she had an excuse for not winning the tip.

2) First media timeout the officials see a leak in the Fieldhouse roof. Both teams head to their benches as 20 minutes produce 3 more leaks and no way of stopping them.

3) Teams head over to Shroyer Gym, home to volleyball where bleachers are pulled out, fans, football players, administration, and facilities crews reinvent the gymnasium for a basketball game.

4) Our game begins 1 hour and 15 minutes later with a few additional lines, and an atmosphere nearly as loud as a Hoosier's game.

5) I look at the scorer's table as Bay slides underneathe it before checkin. It's not quite as spacious for a basketball game.

6) Erica forces a turnover in the back court and celebrates with her teammates before patting an official on the bottom. I asked Coach Scanson, "Will we get a technical for that?"

Coach Bin


Chris Syme said...

The game was an awesome experience and the women played great.

Anonymous said...

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