Tuesday, February 9, 2010


MSU Women's Basketball last week's adventure.

Pulled into Pocatello, ID around 6:00p.m. to have dinner at the Texas Road House. I walked in and said hi to Robin Selvig and the other University of Montana assistant coaches. My husband later tells me, "our bus is bigger than theirs."

Still at Texas Road House, I hear a scream by starting center Rachel Semansky and look back to see Coach Saneholtz giving her an "I'm Sorry" hug. I guess Coach Saneholtz threw a roll at her but had better aim than she anticipated and hit her in the eye. Our first black eye of the trip, jk.

Red Lion Hotel, Coach Scanson and his wife Shannon invite my kids over for a minature birthday party for their daughter Camryn. She opens 5 or 6 toys with some enjoyment and then unwraps clothes and yells out, "YES!"

ISU Game Time: The players and coaches run up and down the stairs as the bathrooms are in a separate room than the pregame room with the white boards. Whoever set it up this way must not understand the anxiety that goes on before games. "Next time, Beata Bak, knock before you enter."

WSU Shootaround: Instead of taking our full hour on the court we decide it's better to get ice baths and fresh legs for the game. I walk into the training room and see half our team in one ice bath. That must be a Guinness Book of Records.

We finish up our weekend with a much needed road sweep and get on the bus to finish the "Friday Night Lights" first season. My son tells me there isn't enough football in the show as I have to cover his eyes for the rest of the soap opera series.

At least the kids got to watch Finding Nemo and Imagination Movers in the morning when our players were asleep.

Coach Bin

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