Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I want to thank Ellen Kreighbaum for her generous endowment to the Women's Basketball Program.

Ellen has been a pioneer at Montana State University not only in the athletic community but the academic community as well. She is currently the President of our Fast Break Club, a booster club that specifically supports women's basketball.

The legacy Ellen leaves at MSU is incredible. She has a stamp on the past, the present, and now the future of MSU's success.

Why did Ellen do this? If you have met her, you will see her passion for women's basketball.

This week we play at University of Montana, our biggest rivalry in the conference. The last time we beat the Griz she came into our locker room swatting players and coaches with her game program in excitement! I think she could have actually been happier about the win than we were.

Here's to you Ellen. Maybe we can add a few more swats for each other this weekend. We will do our best.

Thank you again,

Coach Bin

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Marshall said...

Womens Basketball needs more people like her!