Monday, May 17, 2010

Road Trip

So the Friday guest blog didn't last too long. I guess no one works on Fridays during off season.

My offseason plans are to
  • get rejuvinated: easy once T-Ball season begins tomorrow night & we get the boat out
  • establish the next five year vision for the program
  • see more of Montana!

This past week I drove to Shelby, Montana for a highschool Athlete the Year Awards Banquet & Lewistown, Montana for a Bobcat Club social and golf scramble.

My Clint Eastwood Good, Bad, & Ugly of these trips

Good: Listening to the amazing accomplishments of the 2009-10 high school athlete's of the week. Talk about talent. 90% of these athletes were multi sport and 90% of the guys had the hair flap behind the ear haircut.

My driver!

Bad: Shelby's pool was under maintenence so my son was pretty upset by that.

My irons & anything related to the short game of golf!

UGLY: Driving back to Bozeman with Temesghen Starr (men's basketball coach) after the Lewistown Golf Scramble. He described himself as "rattled" when he left his keys at the hotel. He found them after three flights of stairs. Then he remembered leaving his golf clubs in Lewistown when we were only 30 miles from Bozeman.

Back to the Good. Temesghen didn't mind listening to all of my country.

Crossing two sides of the state I passed hundreds of elk, deer, antelope, casinos, windmills, ranches, and probably zero skyscrapers! I loved it.

Next is Billings, Fort Benton, and in August our family's first camping trip on Flathead Lake. I hear Glacier National Park is MAJESTIC.

Recommendation for your summer plans. Bring Temesghen Starr. You are sure to have an exciting vacation. Guess who is joining us on Flathead?

Coach Bin

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Mslacat said...

I you are going to Glacier, you have to eat at Johnson Cafe in St. Mary. It is just out of the park and up on the hill. It is a Food Network's "Diner and Dive" type restuarant, only not as fancy as most of them.

Good food served family style

Don't ask for a vegetarian menu.

Don't ask for a Perrier with a lemon twist.

Do ask for a pitcher of water as soon as you are seated.

Do tip well, college kids are working there.

.. and yes I worked their (and met my future wife there) for two summers.