Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Training

Our team is in full swing in their summer workouts. Right now everyone is spread out whether they are finishing high school, at home enjoying the warm weather as LaTisha Adams says, or training back here in Bozeman.

What I love about this team is their commitment to each other. They all agreed to train together for the second session of summer school which begins at the end of June. During that time, some of them will be taking summer classes, some will work on the golf course, but the most important thing is that they will be working out with each other for six weeks straight.

Until that time our players are keeping in touch by sending letters to each other. The first letter was sent by our seniors Sarah Strand and Lyndi Seidensticker. They asked their teammates to e-mail them back their summer goals.

What's great about knowing each other's goals is accountability and motivation to each other. What I am most looking forward to though is seeing their improvement this fall.

Keep up the hard work ladies. Championships are made in the offseason and Champions are the habit of everyday training.

Go Cats!

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