Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 Days Until the First Day of School!

Needless to say it's getting busier. My staff has been meeting this week to cover preseason goals, fine tune our offensive and defensive philosophy, and complete our fall schedule for our student athletes.

As anxious as my staff is to get started and see the improvement of our players over the summer, our athletes seem to be just as excited.

Let me tell you a few things you may not know about our student athletes off the court.

Ally loves the movie Transformers and likes to slip and slide. Yes, she is a good baby sitter.

Ausha learned how to fly fish this summer in class. I wish I would have gotten to take that class.

Lyndi writes with her right hand and may be the next American Idol (JK-we have video)

Katie is one of the best "groundskeeper's" in Bozeman. The manager at Valley View Golf course told me.

Chelsea is our tallest player at 6'4 but the most afraid of the Flathead Monster "getting" her.

Tish drives a red Monte Carlo, and her favorite conditioning workout is anything BUT the pool.

Kelsey always wears a side pony tail. I still can't remember which side but it's always the same.

Sarah is now Sarah Balian and had to make a freethrow before her dad would dance with her at her wedding. Congrats to Sarah and her husband Aaron.

Rachel replaced Lyndi for most gullable on the team and will inherit the earliest wrinkles on the team for her scoul impressions during workouts.

Kate benches more as a freshman than I did in my pro career. (At least she told me. We'll see next week,lol)
Emily may be the first MSU Women's Basketball player to graduate in comedy. Just watch the video.

The Aussies also wanted me to tell you that a few words here are different:

ketchup = sauce
truck = ute
sweatshirt = jumper
mosquito = mozzy
Buff = tank

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