Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why is Food So Important?

If you are an avid reader of the Bin Blogs then you already know my love for food.

This past week I was able to confirm this same passion runs through my six year old. On Monday, Justin's first day of basketball camp I joined him for lunch in the Fieldhouse. He had already been through ball handling, shooting, passing, and defensive drills. Yet, when I asked him his favorite thing of camp so far, he replied "my sandwich."

Today I took Justin to the golf course to try out his new clubs from Papa. He hit off each tee box, grabbed his ball, then dropped it on the green and putted the ball in. In between, he enjoyed cleaning the golf balls and raking the sandtraps.

At the end of nine holes, and his best shot of the day I asked him what was his favorite part. His response, "the oreos at the snack bar."

And I thought hitting his best shot of the day on the last hole was going to bring him back.

Coach Bin

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