Monday, August 16, 2010


Was your first reaction negative?

My husband just had knee surgery that requires him to be on a machine for six hours a day and use crutches for six weeks.  Anyone that has gone through a surgery understands the rehab is the hardest part. Did you know your attitude may be the biggest factor in your recovery?

I am not suggesting you jump up and down to celebrate you GET to rehab. Besides you probably shouldn't be jumping right now anyway. I can just picture Todd slapping me high five in the morning saying "I can't wait to be on the machine again!."

We can, however, change our thought process on the transition back. Here are a few suggestions from someone that has been through three knee surgeries, one shoulder surgery, and many other injuries that didn't require a knife.
  1. Don't think about, focus, mark, or even talk about the recovery date the doctor has given you.  Why? Many reasons. a) It's a deadline that could be far away and make it difficult to have positive thoughts. b) It's a date that can influence improper rehab and influence another injury if you push too fast in order to meet that deadline c) It's a date that you may be cleared for, but that doesn't mean you are back to 100%. You still need to work your way back.
  2. Focus on the short term goals, daily and weekly. It's a lot easier to stay positive when you shorten your focus. For some of us, that's as far as our attention goes anyway.
  3. Write down the good things that can result from this. I have Todd's list. a) Watch Tricia empty out the grass from the lawn mower, hysterical! b) breakfast in bed c) can't chase Brooklyn to get the chalk out of her mouth d) play the Wii with Justin.   For those of you working back for your sport a) learn the game by watching other's decisions b) get stronger physically and nutritionally c) gain a whole new motivation and love for a game that has been taken away. I still don't know if I would have played professionally for seven years if I hadn't had double knee surgery the year before. I felt rejuvinated.
  4. Find out who you are with this passion removed. This is the hardest one to go through I think. Exercising has always been my release, and when I couldn't bounce a ball, run, bike, or anything I felt depressed, confused, isolated. Yet, it was only an injury that was going to heal. What I did have was time which is something we all tend to rush. For me, prayer, reading the Bible, talking with my family more, having conversations with friends more than just the surface really changed me in a big way.
Each one of us goes through obstacles. Our perspective is what makes it big or small. If you are one of those icing a limb right now, questioning whether you will get back to where you were, then you need to go to step 5.     Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to move forward.

I didn't say your short term goals had to end. Focus on the short term goals and you WILL get back to 100%. Now it's time to set some new goals!

By the way, I didn't ever say I practiced these to perfection. I had my bad days too. Just channel those days at In N Out Burger. Did I mention something about nutrition?

Coach Bin

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